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This guide is designed to help store managers manage a multi-vendor store so you can make sure your business is organized and steps ahead of the competition. We hope this information gives some ideas on how to run your online store more smoothly.

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Vendors come to your store with their own ideas, expectations, and ways of doing things. You have to gather these different vendors under one store. Your job as a store manager is to help vendors sell as much as possible as easily as possible, while still retaining the ability to make important decisions about your store. This means making vendors happy while making yourself happy as the store manager.

While this can make your life easier, this workflow is a lot different than a store where you are the only vendor. In a multi-vendor store, managers need to control the quality of products, product images and order shipping. While you may not have eyes directly on a product, you can take steps to make sure the products and the way they are shipped is something you stand behind.

With the right marketplace platform, store managers can approve or disapprove products uploaded by vendors before they go live on the store. They can also choose to approve or disapprove products based on image quality and offer suggestions for vendors. This adds the important quality control aspect that can be a lacking in a multi-vendor store.

Store admin can have some say in shipping, though. Store managers can authorize different shipping methods. Allowing certain shipping methods can allow the store to have a cohesive shipping policy. For example, saying that all orders through the store are shipped at a flat rate. This can make it easier for store admin to know what shipping method a vendor is using and answer customer questions.

Sales reports allow you to make sure managers and suppliers are staying on track. They show the big picture: revenue. This can be an important resource in determining whether a store management system is working. 350c69d7ab


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