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Places To Buy Paintball Guns

Aside from safety equipment, guns are the most important paintball gear you'll own. Take to the playing field with battle-ready gear. Whether you're a novice player or a weekend warrior, discover a paintball gun crafted for reliable performance when it counts. Explore the collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

places to buy paintball guns

For front paintball players, accuracy is a must. Find a paintball marker that allows you to mount the air supply bottle so it can be used as a stock. If you do not want to mount your air supply, choose a remote air hose for decreased weight and mobility.

Don't let well-aimed shots fall short. Pressure or propulsion systems deliver the air your gun needs to propel a paintball. All CO2 tanks are shipped unfilled, due to shipping restrictions. The tank size determines the rounds a player is able to shoot.

Splatball also offers hydro-testing services for your compressed air paintball tanks. Our hydro service includes regulator removal and re-installation, hydro testing and a visual tank inspection by a licensed hydro tester.In the market for new gear but low on cash? Splatball has a killer selection of both new and used gear! Curious what they have in stock? Check our EBAY store above or stop in to check out their Used Gun wall.

Air Assault Paintball is the Planet Eclipse Paintball North Central Service Center. These guys know paintball better than anyone in the area and thats a fact. Air Assault Paintball Park is located right downtown St. Paul. Air Assault stocks paintball products from over 30 different paintball companies; buys, sells and trades paintball gear and does in house paintball repairs, marker maintenance and tank hydro testing. Stop in to check out our latest products and gear selection.

They only stock and suggest paintball gear that they (professional players) use and trust! They really are a one stop shop for paintball gear in MN regardless of playing style or ability. Air Assault buys, sells and trades both new and used paintball gear.

Also their service/ repair & maintenance technicians have over 50 years of combined paintball experience! Their gun technicians have been factory certified and trained to work on hundreds of different paintball gear items.

Lone Wolf Paintball prides itself on being everything paintball! We specialize in retail sales, game play, special events and multimedia entertainment. If it's paintball you're looking for then you've come to the right place! We offer free ground shipping on orders $30 or more within the United States and international shipping is also available worldwide. Most orders are shipped the same day so you'll be on the field in no time!

Want to purchase your first paintball gun? Maybe you're an experienced paintball player that wants a business backing a used paintball gun. Whatever your situation may be, it is not always possible to purchase a paintball marker at full retail price. Paintball is not necessarily a cheap sport and paintball guns can be an expensive investment. That is why Punisher's Paintballl is now offering used paintball guns!

Paintball guns are one of the most necessary tools of paintball. Our goal is to provide quality used paintball guns to every type of paintball player who doesn't want to worry about being scammed on Facebook, Ebay, or other selling platforms. We offer a peace-of-mind warranty. If the paintball gun is not working when you receive it, then return the paintball marker without using it and we will refund or exchange for another paintball gun.

We have both! The paintball store at American Paintball Coliseum tries its' very best to cater to every player for whatever need. Whether you are looking for your first paintball gun and mask or the newest hopper that just came out, you can get it through us! Our stores contain a range of products including:

The best places to buy, sell, and trade paintball guns online are Facebook Groups, Craigslist, eBay, reputable paintball forums (such as and, and used selling apps (such as OfferUp, 5miles, and VarageSell).

When looking to buy or sell something on Craigslist you will typically head over to the For Sale section and click on the category that best fits the item you were looking for. The category that paintball guns fit best under would be the sporting section.

What I love most about buying paintball gear on forums is the wide variety of sub-forums available in the BST section such as mechanical paintball guns, electronic paintball guns, pump paintball guns, etc.

Without a doubt, the most important piece of kit you own is your paintball mask. You cannot play paintball without a mask and you should not use a paintball mask that is broken or damaged in any way. Players tend to overspend on their paintball gun and underspend on their mask. A mistake, but one that is somewhat understandable.

Your paintball mask must protect your eyes. To make sure that it does, buy one that has been certified. A certificate means that it can withstand the impact of a paintball, keeping you safe from harm. You cannot use anything which has not been certified on any reputable paintball field, no matter how cool it looks.

The HDB .68 or TB68 Paintball Shotgun from Umarex shoots .68 calibre paintballs, rubber balls, or powder-balls. It's an easy to use paintball marker which is similar to the HDP pistol in the way it loads and operates, but the HDB comes in an awesome looking tactical shotgun shell!

Umarex HDB68 7 Joule paintball gun is great for close quarters paintball battles delivering each shot at approx. 220 feet per second (FPS), the 16J HDB is approx. 100FPS more. It's also a tool that can be picked up by Law Enforcement or Military as it replicates its real steel counterpart in function and feel.

Splatball also offers hydro-testing services for your compressed air paintball tanks. Our hydro service includes regulator removal and re-installation, hydro testing and a visual tank inspection by a licensed hydro tester.

When looking at air tanks know that they have a hydro date stamped on the side of the bottle. All paintball tanks must be tested for safety every 3 or 5 years. The only exception to this are aluminum tanks less than 2-inches in diameter and under 2-feet long. All fiber-wrapped tanks expire in 15 years from when they were manufactured, regardless of the last hydro test date. Tanks are considered generally safe as long as the hydro test is current and there are no unraveled/exposed/damaged fibers sticking out. If a tank is out of date fields won't fill them. They can be re-hydroed at various places though for a fee.

I've had good lucking buying paintball gear off forums and ebay. Just make sure not to buy any markers that are no longer made as it could be hard to find parts if something is broken. Found that out the hard way.

Buying used paintball gear can be quite tricky but you guys gave some great advice. A good friend of mine visited your field and told me it was awesome by the way. Hope to make my way around there soon.

Black Ops sells all major and reputable paintball, airsoft, and PCP items. If we don't have something you need or you think we should sell something please let us know. We can meet or beat any reputable competitor pricing.

Remember that if you want to buy paintball gear like a paintball gun that you need to be either a) 16 years with a valid New Zealand firearms licence or b) 18 years without. Paintball markers purchased from online stores will require a permit to import if they look like a real gun or are capable of firing modes other than straight semi auto. These have to be applied for BEFORE you import the marker and not afterwards.

The new kids on the block and they are doing it in style. The crew at Outpost 43 are not only building a new paintball field on the North Shore (due to open next summer) but are also working on stocking one of the largest ranges of paintball gear in NZ. Currently stocking equipment from a wide range of brands including DYE, Empire, GXG, Energy Paintball, HK Army, Tippmann, Rothco Tactical, Virtue, GOG, Tech T, Exalt, Proto, Valken, Sandana and more!

They stock a full range of equipment including milsim and tournament guns, clothing, goggles, high pressure air systems and accessories. They stock brands including Tippmann, Dye, Proto, Spyder, Tiberius Arms, Planet Eclipse, Milsig, Rap4, Valken, NXE, GXG, HK Army, Paintball Assassin, Inspire & Edge.

Facebook is home to a variety of groups that are dedicated to selling second hand paintball equipment in New Zealand. Because they are membership based, equipment tends to be priced fairly, and people will generally comment if there is something wrong with it. This is the best place to purchase second hand paintball equipment in New Zealand.

The Paintball Store Inc. carries the largest selection of paintball gear in Houston, since 1990. At the paintball store, we carry brands such as Tippmann, Dye, Spyder, Ninja, Empire, Planet Eclipse, HK Army, Valken and many more! Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer all questions you may have, and provide gun upgrades and paintball marker repair services. Paintball Store also fills kegerator tanks (up to 5lb CO2 bottles) 041b061a72


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