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Document - HP ProCurve Manager Plus 3.1 - Overview | HPE Support

The NBX integrated PBX combines the latest technologies in software, hardware and network management to ensure that the communications network is in the best shape at all times. In addition, 3Com Unified Communications offers full integration of the business applications with the communications network. 3Com Command Center, a web-based application, provides the executive with a real time view of all communications traffic for each of the sites and sites VOIP connections. From a single interface, the Command Center provides an insight into the operational status of each site in real time, allowing executives and call center managers to improve performance and prevent problems from arising.

3com Network Supervisor V 6.0 Activation Key

Manageability The multi-layer security provides the highest level of protection against network attack in the market. Managed by the Command Center, the second layer security has granular controls that allow the deployment of only the security policy that is required on a per-application or site basis. User and information related policy actions can be monitored in the Command Center in real time.

Business Process Automation Command Center includes native integration with all 3Com business applications, including: messenger, mail, world time, fax, and calendar. The Command Center also provides a single interface to manage and monitor all site management policies, including SIP trunks, VoIP lines, and sessions. The Command Center provides a real-time single-screen view of the consolidated status of each site, with high-level site-wide statistics displaying information such as the amount of data in transit for each site, the time spent waiting for a network resource, and the number of users connected at a specific site.


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