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Sinister Knights MC: The Complete Series By Ari...

Season 4 features a redesign of Bruce Wayne/Batman, that is more reminiscent of the DCAU (Bruce Timm) Batman. He is now drawn with a stronger chin structure and somewhat smaller nose. The season also introduces Dick Grayson as Robin (Evan Sabara) into the series as well as other characters such as Lucius Fox (Louis Gossett Jr.). More villains appear such as Tony Zucco (Mark Hamill), Killer Moth (Jeff Bennett), Black Mask (James Remar) & Number One (Diedrich Bader), Rumor (Ron Perlman), theEverywhere Man (Brandon Routh), Harley Quinn (Hynden Walch), Francis Grey (Dave Foley), and a new Clayface (Wallace Langham). Batgirl returns this season as well, and is now officially part of Batman's team. Ethan gets curied of Clayface for good.One episode is set in the future, taking place in 2027 Gotham, where Barbara Gordon has become Oracle (Kellie Martin), Dick Grayson is Nightwing (Jerry O'Connell), and Batman resembles Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns version of the character, complete with a new tank-like Batmobile. The season finale featured another superhero from the DC Universe; Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onnz and his alter ego Detective John Jones (Dorian Harewood) when he warned Batman of an invasion by an alien race called The Joining. Batman, Robin, Batgirl and the Martian Manhunter were successfully able to rid the Earth of The Joining. Hawkman, Green Arrow, Flash and Green Lantern also appeared in the Season 4 finale in a cameo at the very end where Batman agreed to join them, Leading some to believe that this is The Batman version of The Justice League. The fourth season of The Batman has been referred to by the creators as the most "Fan Friendly" season.

Sinister Knights MC: The Complete Series by Ari...

Writer Grant Morrison and artist Richard Case took over the DC Comics series Doom Patrol in 1989 and, over the next four years, proceeded to infuse that fitfully published, perennially oddball title starring a small team of freakish, outcast superheroes created in 1963 with pure, uncut, pharmaceutical-grade craziness. Borrowing heavily from surrealist influences, they swapped out traditional villains for creations like the Brotherhood of Dada and the sinister, extradimensional Scissormen. They introduced new characters like Crazy Jane, a woman who evinced 64 discrete personalities, each one with its own superpower, and Danny the Street, a sentient, magically transporting city block ... in drag. As a feat of soaring imagination, there's nothing like it in all of superhero storytelling, yet its every flight of nitro-injected fantasy is grounded by Case's thick line work, which imposes a satisfying heft and structure to the proceedings.

Popular ones included the mummy Dust Brain, Horn Head, the disfigured Slobulus and Bash Brain. The toys got a cult following for some time, complete with a comic book and animated series. There was even a revival in the 2010s with some new versions yet the classics were an overlooked gem of the times.

In this captivating novella introducing the realm of virtues, Jacqueline Arienta Xavier is the newly crowned Duchess of Saphire after her parents' carriage is found overturned on their way to a knights' tournament. While at first the tragedy is deemed an accident, the Duchess discovers a sinister plot in the heart of her own duchy. She must use her fearless curiosity, with help from unsuspecting friends, to unmask the culprit before the traitor comes for her head.

Despite the completion of SAO, Asuna didn't wake up, including 299 other players. While everyone believed Akihiko Kayaba was keeping them imprisoned for reasons unknown, the real truth was more sinister and evil. Sugou Nobuyuki, Asuna's arranged fiancé had gained access to the SAO servers and routed 300 players, including Asuna so he could secretly experiment with the human mind. He began working on illegal experiments to manipulate the human mind, emotions, memories etc and would sell the information he gained from the experiments to other companies in the United States. However, unlike the captive 299 players, he didn't experiment with Asuna's mind and instead decided to keep her imprisoned in the virtual world, ALfheim Online, a game owned by Asuna's father's company. Sugou's plan was to keep Asuna trapped in order to marry her in the real world and thus gain complete control of her father's company since her family believed she wouldn't have long to live since she remained in her coma. Since her capture, Sugou forced Asuna to play the role of Titania the Queen of the Fairies while he played Oberon the Fairy King. Asuna remained a prisoner at the top of the World Tree inside a bird cage and was constantly visted by Sugou. He tried to force her to accept the marriage between them, knowing they would soon be married in the real world despite her coma while continuing to sexually harass her. 041b061a72


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