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Jackson Long
Jackson Long

Mental Omega 3.3 Full Download

the foehn revolt, which is an allied super-faction with yuri, started as a counter force to defend the human race against yuri. they fled from the capital of the foehn revolt, a ruined and abandoned planet called foehn, to another planet: overgaard. overgaard is a planet by our time, and the allied forces need to research their tech and start up an alliance with the humans. overgaard was located in the sky over foehn, but despite the distance, the foehn forces managed to capture the planet on the verge of their allies. however, yuri and overgaard's forces began to work against the foehn revolt and help their allies. eventually, the foehn revolt collapsed and the war broke out between the humans.

Mental Omega 3.3 Full Download

back on foehn, the human forces of the foehn revolt managed to gain a foothold on the planet. yuri realized that the capital will be more vulnerable than the military base. yuri and his allies decided to evacuate people in the capital, and started the evacuation process on foehn. meanwhile, the humans are regrouping in another base. the humans managed to locate yuri's forces on the outskirts of the city, and the humans launch a massive offensive into the capital. yuri and his allies retreated and tried to construct a spaceship in order to escape. however, they were ambushed by yuri's forces, and several of yuri's forces were killed. yuri came up with a new plan, and he ordered his minions to evacuate the ship first, and then moved the spaceship to the planet overgaard.

once the spaceship was in place, yuri planned to launch the foehn book, and finish the foehn revolt once and for all. however, the allied forces discovered the spaceship and attacked it, and yuri was transported to overgaard. yuri started the invasion process, and he went to the tower where the foehn book was. after a brief battle, yuri finally captured the foehn book, and sent it to a spacecraft. however, yuri took a moment to relax and think of his next plan.


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