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Idle Army Base: The Ultimate Tycoon Game for Android - Download APK

This game is not easy as it is an army game so you have face some challenges in it. Exercise yard is waiting for you to join. Perform push-ups, sit-ups to get fit, jumps and more to get fit. It has urban warfare where you train yourself house-to-house to learn techniques and strategies. Also you will jungle warfare and arctic warfare these are the challenges which you have to complete first in order to get higher rank overall.

This is your chance to prove yourself as true leader to build undefeatable army with all the techniques and strategies. Build wisely and choose best troops for your army and train them and teach them about all the weapons and improve their skills and abilities. Enhance everything and conquer the world.

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You will train volunteers in the barracks through military missions, such as training individual skills and tactics on the training ground. Or train in squads, platoons, and companies and have them work together to increase teamwork among soldiers. Not only will you be exposed to many things in the military, but you will also learn how it works. In addition, you can also use the profits to build massive structures and create many exciting activities to attract more volunteers to your barracks. The more people come, the more you will earn a significant income and quickly develop this place into a vast military base with a thriving economy.

Besides training and training soldiers, you also have to face many difficult challenges and complex missions that Idle Army Base has brought. You must manage a large army, expand each region, train recruits, and upgrade combat weapons. As a significant military base leader, you must complete all assigned tasks seriously. If you delay or stop training, you will lose discipline in the military. However, after completing all tasks, you will also receive extremely attractive and worthy rewards for all your efforts.

Mod V2 features:Use gold coins and stars unconditionally.Idle Army Base: Tycoon Game is an addictive strategy game where players can build and manage their own military base.The latest update, version 3.1.0, introduces a new mod that allows players to use gold coins and stars without any restrictions.This mod feature provides players with unlimited resources, giving them the freedom to expand their base and army without any constraints.Whether you are a casual player looking for a fun game to pass the time or a hardcore strategist seeking a challenge, Idle Army Base: Tycoon Game is the perfect game for you.Try out the latest mod today and experience the true potential of this extraordinary game.

Idle Army Base: Tycoon Game MOD many stars/coins - In this game you have to get used to the military base and raise it from scratch. Develop your army spirit to increase the power of your military base. You will start with a training camp where recruits will train under your strict guidance. Take training programs, earn money, expand your camp and increase your army recruits.

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In addition, you will have at your disposal chemical weapons, tanks, artillery, and your fighters will be able to learn subversive affairs, become paratroopers and go through daily missions with obstacle courses. Download the game and start the army routine.

Create the largest military base the world has ever seen! On day one you enter the training camp as a private and there is no time to be idle as you go through your steps and a series of training challenges to complete the school, ready for worldwide army operations!

Idle Army Base: Tycoon Game takes players to the empire of an army manager. Here, you will operate and upgrade your army to make a profit and continue to enter the investment path. We provide you with a very loyal army when you arrive in this world. Your task is to train them to be the strongest and bravest warriors. They are known as the trump cards that help you win on the battlefield and unlock more new areas that no one has exploited. Each region continues to exist in many different mining and conquest missions with its army.

Idle Army Base lets you set up your own military base. As a visionary commander, you will develop a stronger military system. For any country, military bases are always important. Neon Play puts players in a position where they need real thought to be able to help their bases reach new heights. Idle Army Base creates a game of making money from the categories you have built completely new. Players will earn huge amounts of money from the strategic business. Not only revolves around base development, besides that you need the training to have an elite army.

After you have a strong enough army, you will send troops on vehicles such as warships, helicopters to new lands. Mexico was one of the first locations in the territorial expansion. Next, the player can go to other countries such as Siberia, Madagascar, Pacific Islands in the quest chain. However, you cannot choose to attack all countries at once. If you complete the challenge, players will receive bonuses, stars to continue upgrading items.

Idle Army Base has many other features, but here GameDVA only introduces you to the main parts. 13+ constructions in the military base are waiting for you to develop. The army will be stronger when the base is upgraded, besides players are also brought troops to invade the territory of other countries. Download Idle Army Base MOD APK start mastering the army, bringing the national military to a new level.

Do you have a strong desire to get the experience of Army life and searching for a game in which you can play the role of an army man? If yes, then Idle Army Base Mod Apk is just for you. Now enjoy the sensational gameplay of the military with lots of engaging activities.

Idle Army Base is one of the most innovative single-player offline games that includes lots of amazing features like combat training, powerful weapons, unique challenges, exercise yards, and many other things. In this game, you need to organize the military training bases and guide your troops for the various in-game activities like gymming, weapon training, etc.

There are many powerful weapons and missiles available in this game that eventually provides you a realistic experience of being an army member. You will get multiple rewards in terms of coins after completing the challenges and tasks of the military bases. Later, these coins can be used for upgrading powerful weapons and training camps.

Idle Army Base is an incredible time killer with lots of exciting battles. The gameplay is all about constructing military bases and creating multiple revenue generate sources for easy maintenance of Troops and buildings. Always provide the best training camps to your troops to make them stronger than your opponents.

Guys, I know there are hundreds of questions running in your creative mind related to this fantastic single-player army game. Below, I have answered all the generally asked questions associated with the Idle Army Base Mod Apk.

Neon Play, the brains behind Idle Tap Racing and Idle Tap Strongman, is back with another idle game for mobile. This time, they are putting players in charge of a bustling military base. Idle Army Base is a free game that will challenge you to run an army base and expand it to its full potential. In this game, you will need to take care of various things to ensure that the camp will be profitable and functional.

Managing the military base has never been so simple in Idle Army Base MOD APK. This is an attractive simulation game for players who want to explore life in the military. You will become a supreme commander with the task of building, expanding, and managing your military base.

Basically, Idle Army Base is a simulation game that combines idle strategy and army management from the publisher Neon Play. Joining the game, you will have the opportunity to access all aspects of the military base area. As a supreme commander, you need to build an elite army to ensure that your military base is growing.

At the same time, the gameplay mechanism is also very simple through basic touches and swipes on the screen. Therefore, any player can freely develop their military base without too much difficulty. Currently, you can download Idle Army Base through Google Play or the APK link below the article to discover it right away.

The main task of the player in Idle Army Base is to build a military base through a variety of activities. More specifically, this game brings together a lot of different training zones like Urban Warfare, Obstacle Course, Exercise Yard, Academy, and more.

You need to build and upgrade these training areas to help your military base grow. In addition, this game offers many different challenges and missions to complete. This gives players a sense of progress and achievement throughout the game.

The military base area is indispensable for elite warriors to be ready for all assigned tasks. Therefore, Idle Army Base requires players to carry out training courses from basic to advanced to create the best soldiers. Accordingly, you will start from a small barracks with a small number of soldiers.

In short, Idle Army Base promises to provide a satisfying sense of progression as players expand and improve their own military base. The game encourages strategic thinking and decision-making, as you have to balance many different factors. These include resource management, army training, and facility upgrades to create the most effective and powerful military base at every moment. You can also download the MOD version on our website to play the game more efficiently.

Idle Army base is a game in which you can have your own military base and you can train soldiers for the difficulties that they have to face in the war zone. This game includes so many military training courses that include the obstacle course, urban Warfare, Arctic Warfare, Desert Warfare and Naval Warfare. These training sessions will train the soldiers to survive in difficult situations. They will also get trained about using machine guns and military vehicles.


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